Investment Company “Fontvielle” (LLC)

Safer than in a bank

High-yield products

Target returns – up to 40% annually

Balanced products

Safe and profitable investments with annual yield up to 20%

Low risk products

The safest investments with up to 10% returns per annum

Structured investment portfolios

Choose amongst a variety of matured structured portfolios developed individually for You by our professional analysts

currency risks

Protect Your business and investments from unfavorable currency fluctuations

Brokerage services

Get a chance to invest in a wide range of instruments on Russian and foreign markets

Currency exchange

Exchange currency at market rates on the Moscow exchange with minimum expenses

Obtain financing

Gain financing leveraged by securities for Your activities

Manage liquidity

Place spare capital funds on Moscow exchange


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Why choose us

  • Reliability and Trust:

“Fontvielle” Investment Company is actively developing and constantly maintaining partnership relations. We are trusted by the largest financial institutions around the world.

  • Professional player on the securities market:

Based on the Bank of Russia licenses, the Company carries out brokerage, dealership, depository and discretionary management activities.

  • Membership in NAUFOR:

The Company is a member of the National Association of Stock Market Participants and follows the standards of professional activity in the securities exchange market.

  • Infrastructure:

While having all required and reliable infrastructure, we provide access to “Moscow Exchange” PJSC and “St. Petersburg Exchange” PJSC, as well as to international exchange platforms in North and South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Team:

Our Company “Fontvielle” employs highly qualified professionals. Many of our employees have more than 20 years of successful experience in leading financial institutions.

  • Minimum commissions:

We adopt flexible policies in relationships with our clients when determining remuneration. Our commission fees are exceptionally fair. There are no hidden fees.

“The only company that was able to provide a competent advice regarding the niceties of currency revaluation taxation for the instruments, nominated in foreign currency (Eurobonds and foreign shares), and offer an efficient solution.

Team at IC “Fontvielle” consists of experts in structural products with increased profitability, competent specialists with rich experience and creative approach, who is attentive and responsive to customer needs.”

Investment ideas

High-yield structures product

Annual return: 75.9%
Face value: USD1000 USD
Guaranteed coupon 16% per annum Monthly coupon payments
Current market price 95%
qualified investors only

High-yield structures product

Annual return: 60 %
Face value: 1000 EUR
Guaranteed coupon 12% per annum
Monthly coupon payments
Current market price 96%
*qualified investors only

High-yield structures product

Annual return: 88.9%
Face value: 1000 RUB
Guaranteed coupon 17% per annum
Monthly coupon payments
Current market price 94%
*qualified investors only